I found this photo in passing, as someone tagged my cousin in it on Facebook. It was chance that I was cycling through and noticed the car, unmistakable as my father's Rolls Royce. I was captivated, and started to examine the photo as much as I could from a small image on the internet. Who were these people who posted it? What was my father doing? I immediately conjured up stories in my head. When I asked for a copy of the photo from the person who posted it, I found out what was really happening when it was taken. I was substantially less interested in the actual story. In making this website I'm dividing up this image from the past into sections, and thus individual memories. These aren't necessarily what I first thought of, but what came to mind after I began examining the photo. The navigation in the image-map isn't readily apparent--because like my own memories, I want people to explore their way through it and discover something they thought they'd forgotten.  

Emily Joy Zeller

Beyond the Family Album, RIT, Spring 2011 (20103)